Ice Maker Repair in New Jersey

Ice Maker Repair in New Jersey

ice maker repair near meI bet you love your new ice maker. But what if your ice maker started not working correctly. No easy access to crushed or cubes. Now your summer margaritas have floating icebergs in green syrup because your blender broke too. But nothing to fear, all is not lost, the ice needs of your summer party guests will be sufficiently quenched because our technicians are a phone call away, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So don’t wake your husband up at 1 am before the party day, he’ll probably make it worse, call us and speak with one of our friendly customer service reps and we’ll help you assess the situation and have a solution for you before your epic margarita pool party the next day. Call us at ☎️(000) 123-4567

If you have noticed that there is a malfunction beginning in your ice maker try to nip the problem in the bud by acting quickly. Ice maker malfunctions become worse over time. A faint distinct odor or foul taste can be a good sign that it is an opportune time to have a maintenance specialist come to inspect the ice maker. 

If similar issues are addressed quickly and professionally the ice maker can be a very dependable and a necessary appliance with many years of service to offer.


Without regard to the type of brand or model of an ice maker you own there is a list of malfunctions you should be aware of. This information will help you extend the life of your ice maker.  

  • The ice machine won’t make any ice at all
  • The ice you get smells or tastes bad
  • The ice cubes come out misshaped or discolored
  • The ice maker is noisy
  • The ice maker does not turn on
  • The appliance makes too little ice
  • The ice level control board is faulty
  • The appliance is frozen
  • The ice maker leaks water

Keeping this list attached with a magnet or tape to the side of your fridge including the phone number of a trusty ice maker repair specialist, will insure a longer appliance work life.


When your ice maker doesn’t function correctly you are forced to purchase bags of ice from the local grocery store. Then you would need to store the ice in the freezer which takes up essential storage space you could be using to store perishables such as ice-cream, meat, frozen vegetables, etc.

Let’s say the ice maker is functioning but is making a loud rattling noise, or is just too noisy when it is operating. This can be irritating to everyone around and could cause noise pollution in a restaurant environment or anywhere people are trying to have peace of mind.


Unless you have a few hundred dollars to spend replacing your ice maker with a brand new one you are most likely going to choose repairing your freezer instead. Since ice makers that are actually good at making ice and not just semi-hard blobs of ice, your best bet would be to have it fixed.

Repairing an appliance such as your ice maker only costs about a quarter of what it would cost to purchase a new one.


When choosing a repair technician, you must keep in mind the qualifications that are necessary to making your decision the right one. You need someone who has the years of experience and knowledge to return your ice maker to its proper working condition. We offer a team of members that consist of just that; a vastly knowledgeable background and years of experience working with various brands.


Such brands including Ice-O-Matic, Whirlpool, Bosch, Kitchen Aid, Ice-O-Matic, Westinghouse, Samsung, Marvel, Viking, LG, Sub-Zero, Asko, DCS, Wolf, True, Maytag, Scotsman, Siemens, Amana and many others. 


 A short phone call will help us assess your repair needs and help us dispatch the professional fit to resolve the problem. Our certified repair men and women will quickly and quietly arrive at your residence or commercial establishment and begin working on your broken ice maker. Depending on the issue you will have a short wait until your ice maker is up and running smoothly and everything is left again the way it was before, clean and tidy.

 Call us for help at ☎️(000) 123-4567